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Annual Meeting of the GTA

May 3-4, 2018
John M. Clayton Hall Conference Center
University of Delaware
Newark, DE

Speakers Presentations

Keynote Speaker:

Yan Zhang
University of Michigan

CRISPR Overview and Practical Applications

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Symposium I: CRISPR, a powerful new technology: Applications and regulatory issues

Eric Kmiec
Helen F. Graham Cancer Center

CRISPR-Directed Gene Editing in vitro; a Novel System for the Identification of Regulatory and Genotoxic Factors in a Cell-Free Environment

Marco Jost

CRISPRi/a-Based Chemical-Genetic Screens for Small Molecule Target Identification



Sandhya Sanduja

Regulatory Considerations for CRISPR/Cas-based Gene Edited Products: An FDA Perspective

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Symposium II: Case Studies/Key Problems in Genetic Toxicology

John Nicolette

Case Study: I Can See Clearly Now (Genetox is Done!)


Zhanna Sobol
Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development

Sex, Drugs and GeneTox


Krista Dobo
Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development

Risk Assessment of Two Mutagenic Diboron Reagents


Richard Williams

Are All Ames Strains in the OECD Mutagenicity Test Guideline 471 Useful and Necessary? An Analysis of Large Mutagenicity Data Sets for the IWGT

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Symposium III: Case Studies Focus Topic: Aryl Boronic Acids in Pharmaceutical Development

Joel Bercu

Arylboronic Acids: Introduction and Review of Bacterial Mutagenicity

Michelle Kenyon / Vijay Reddy
Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development / Merck

Genotixicity of Aryl Boronic Acids In Vitro in Mammalian Cells

Evaluation of DNA Adduct Formation with Boronic Acid Derivatives by LC/MS

Melisa Masuda-Herrera


In Vivo Genotoxicity of Arylboronic Acids: To Be or Not To Be

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Symposium IV: IWGT 2017 Update

Rodger Curren
Institute for In Vitro Sciences

Use of 3D Tissues in Genotoxicity Testing


Errol Zeiger
Errol Zeiger Consulting

Revisiting the Bacterial Mutagenicity (Ames) Test


Maik Schuler
Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development

Risk of AneugensWorkgroup

Bhaskar Gollapudi


In Vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation (MCM) Assays Working Group

Dan Levy


In vivo Strategies Working Group

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Symposium V: Tools and Approaches for Clinical Biomonitoring of Genomic Damage

Zach Nagel
Harvard University

Comprehensive Analysis of DNA Repair Capacity in Human Leukocyte Subtypes


Qingyi Wei
Duke University

A Novel Variant in DNA Repair Gene GTF2H4 Associated with Lung Cancer Risk


Robert Sobol
University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute

Advanced Tools for DNA Repair and DNA Damage Analysis

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Symposium VI: Mechanisms of Actions

Chris Corton

Using Gene Expression Biomarkers to Identify Potential Carcinogens

Liz Rubitski

Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development

The Role of Cellular Imaging in the Mode of Action Assessment of
Clastogens and Aneugens

Nikolai Chepelev

Health Canada

Genotoxic Mode of Action of Acrylamide

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