Who We Are

Its primary purpose is to promote the development of the science of genetic toxicology and to foster the exchange and dissemination of information concerning the field.

The GTA thus provides a unique and important opportunity for scientists from different types of organizations to routinely and openly exchange knowledge, ideas, views and insights.

Genetic Toxicology Association Who We Are

Activities & Governance

Knowledge, views, and insights

Topics of meetings have included:
  • Assessing the safety of products across industries including pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, cosmetics and industrial chemicals
  • OECD guideline updates
  • Dose-response modeling and determination of thresholds
  • In Vivo and In Vivo/In Vitro Measures of Germ Cell Damage
  • What do federal agencies want in genetic toxicity test data?
  • Genotoxicity assessment of nanomaterials
  • Transgenic animals for the evaluation of exogenous materials
  • In silico prediction of genotoxicity endpoints using QSARs
  • Follow up strategies for positive in vitro results
  • Replacement, refinement and reduction of animals
  • Risk management of genotoxic impurities
  • Toxicity testing in the 21st century
  • Adverse outcome pathways
  • New technology development and practical applications
  • Variations in cell culture conditions: effects on the outcome of In Vitro assays
Presentation at Scientific Meeting
Group photo of the GTA Board of Directors and Volunteers for 2023
GTA Board of Directors and Volunteers 2023

The Association maintains this Web site and publishes a semiannual Newsletter containing meeting notices, upcoming workshops, Board meeting reports, placement service listings, and news of interest to the membership.

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