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GTA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors

Chair (2021)

Catrin Hasselgren

Catrin HasselgrenCatrin Hasselgren is a Principal Scientist at Genentech, where she heads the Computational Toxicology team and co-leads the internal Genetox Expert Working Group. Prior to that, Catrin spent 12 years at AstraZeneca, where she was part of the Drug Safety organization and supported both early and late projects with computational toxicology support such as model building, data analysis and ICH M7 assessments. She has also worked for Leadscope and as a consultant for UCB in Belgium.

Chair elect (2021)

Maria Engel

Maria Engel is a Senior Scientist in the Genetic Toxicology Department at Pfizer and has over 20 years of practical experience in the application of genetic toxicology testing in support of pharmaceutical development. Her expertise is primarily around in vitro and in vivo mammalian assays but most recently expanded to include mutagenicity assessment. Currently, she leads a flow cytometry based screening laboratory, provides subject matter guidance regarding genotoxicity findings to chemists and drug safety teams, and contributes to genetic toxicology impurity risk assessments for marketed products. Previously, she was an in vivo study director and performed several in vitro genetic toxicology assays. Maria is especially enthusiastic about the future direction of assays intended to identify genotoxic mode of action. She enjoys collaborating and interacting with internal and external teams. Prior to joining Pfizer in 1998, Maria characterized the interaction of drug response and biological pathways using high throughput gene expression at a small biotechnology company. Maria is a long time member and volunteer of the Genetic Toxicology Association and served as the Newsletter Editor (2008-2010), Secretary (2011-2015), Student Outreach Chair (2010-2019), previous member of the Board of Directors (2012-2014) and currently serving a second term on the Board as Chair Elect. Maria holds a BS in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences (cytogenetics) from the University of Connecticut and a MS in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs from Temple University. 

Scientific Program Committee Co-Chairs

Elizabeth Rubitski

Elizabeth RubitskiLiz is a Senior Scientist in Genetic Toxicology for Drug Safety R&D at Pfizer. She received a B.S. in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences from the University of Connecticut (1986) and began her career in Genetic Toxicology at Pfizer after graduation. Initially, her focus was as study director for the In Vitro Micronucleus screen. After optimizing an automated version, she then developed several other mechanistic assays using Image Analysis platforms (Thermo Fisher Arrayscan, Perkin Elmer Operetta CLS). Through a secondment opportunity, Liz was exposed to high throughput screening and successfully completed the development of an imaging assay for the assessment of quality control using neuronal stem cells. She recently completed a three-year term as Secretary on the executive board of the Society for Biomolecular Imaging & Informatics (SBI2) and continues to be involved as co-chair of the SBI2 Standards Committee. 

Kevin P. Cross

Kevin P CrossKevin P. Cross is the vice-president of Product Engineering and Production at Leadscope, Inc. an Instem Company where he is Principal Investigator of U.S. FDA/Leadscope collaborations. His current responsibilities include the collaborative research and development of QSAR models and database with U.S. FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research for prediction of toxicity in support of drug safety, the U.S. FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition in support of the Office of Food Safety, and supporting the U.S.FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health and Center for Veterinary Medicine. He is also responsible for the development of the Leadscope Enterprise product and leads he software development and database production groups at Leadscope. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Michigan State University in 1985 and has been developing chemoinformatics tools and products for over 30 years. He is a member of GTA, SOT, ACT, and EMGS where he regularly presents his research results. He is involved in several collaborative efforts to create protocols and procedures for performing in silico assessments for regulatory purposes as well as to assess their performance. He has authored over 30 papers and over 40 presentations. Recently he participated in the International Workshop on Genetic Toxicity (2017) where he helped determine Ames tester strain equivalency and identify in silico toxicity prediction issues related to genetic toxicity testing. 

Abby Myhre

Abby MyhreAbby Myhre, MS, is a study director in the Investigative Sciences group (genetic toxicology) at Corteva in Newark, DE. In addition to study directing she has over 13 years of practical experience in genetic toxicology. Her focus is on the Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test and on the in vitro and in vivo Micronucleus Assays, with emphases on flow cytometric analysis. She received her undergraduate degree in Animal Science with a minor in Biology from the University of Delaware, Newark, DE, and her Masters of Science in Biology at West Chester University, West Chester, PA, focusing on genetic toxicology. She is the co-author of several peer-reviewed publications and poster presentations.

Stephanie Kellum

Stephanie KellumStephanie Kellum received her BS degree from Towson University, Towson, MD in Biology. She has more than 10 years of experience in tissue culture and genetic toxicology. She is currently the study director for the in vitro chromosomal aberration and micronucleus assays in the Genetic Toxicology group at Corteva Agriscience, in Newark, DE. Stephanie is also the study monitor for the in vitro skin sensitization assays. She is experienced in flow analyses and co-led the development of an in vitro method for the evaluation of proliferation and CAR/PXR-mediated gene expression in primary mouse and human hepatocytes. Stephanie is currently serving her third year on the GTA board of directors and is the Communications chair.

Dr. Sheroy Minocherhomji

Sheroy MinocherhomjiDr. Sheroy Minocherhomji is currently a Senior
Scientist/Toxicologist and Head of the Genetic Toxicology Unit at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA. He is the non-clinical regulatory toxicology lead for several oncology therapeutics at various stages of development. He also heads Amgen’s Genetic Toxicology Unit and is leading efforts to advance cancer risk assessment. Sheroy received his M.Sc. degree in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London, UK and PhD as a Marie Curie Fellow from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark in Health & Medical Sciences. He has authored more than 15 peer-reviewed publications including 10 as first/co-first author in high-impact journals including Nature, Nature Cell Biology, PNAS and Molecular Cell including his discovery of the Mitotic DNA Synthesis (MiDAS) pathway that causes the chromosome fragility phenotype. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants and most recently the Early Stage Investigator and Emerging Scientist Awards by the GTA and the EMGS. He a member of the GTA’s board of directors and is also a co-chair of the Error-corrected Sequencing working group of HESI’s Genetic Toxicology Technical Committee. 



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